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Digitale Netzwerkkabel

Your partner for Cables & Trade

With our long-term experience in the fields of cables and connectors, we have been able to continuously expand our portfolio over the years. With various partner companies we can offer you almost all solutions in the area of cables and connectors. Whether it is a connector that is difficult to obtain, or if you want to have electronics integrated into the connector and overmoulded, send us your specifications or contact us for advice. We are always at your disposal in a quick and uncomplicated manner, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on your core competences.

ERNI Steckverbinder

  • Pitch: 0,8 mm

  • Operating Current: 1,7 A

  • Up to 16 Gbps

  • 500 Plugging Cycles

  • Freely scalable

  • Highest Contact Safety

  • Optimised Mismatching Protection

  • Packed in Tape & Reel


Our spring contact connectors of the Zero8 series offer particularly reliable contacting through ScaleX. This makes them ideal for applications in demanding industrial sectors. Even continuous loads, such as those caused by vibrations and shocks, are no problem for the high-quality German connectors. At the same time, you enjoy full flexibility due to the scalability of the board-to-board connectors.

ERNI Steckverbinder

One 27

  • 12 to 80 contacts

  • 1.4 A current carrying capacity

  • 500 Plugging Cycles

  • Highest Contact Safety

  • Tested compatibility with other providers

  • IDC multipole socket available individually or with cable assembly

  • Packed in Tape & Reel


The One27® series offers highly flexible and at the same time reliable connectors for a wide range of board-to-board applications. The product family is based on one

1.27 mm pitch, offers various straight and angled designs as well as connections with ribbon cable, and is available in different pole numbers from 12 to 80 contacts. The connectors are plug-compatible with available products of this type and provide optimal results in tests.

ept One 27

Cables and connections of all kinds

Particularly in the areas of connectors, FFC cables, etc., we have been working with several partner companies for years. These meet our expectations and fulfil even the highest quality requirements; the ability to deliver is also convincing, fast and competent even for customised solutions.


Thermal Switches

As a representative of Limitor GmbH and EAW Relaistechnik GmbH, we offer a variety of high-quality components for controlling temperature, current and time. The product range includes temperature monitors, temperature limiters, thermo-switches and controllers and thermal fuses.


Reed Technology

As a representative of Binsack Reedtechnik GmbH we are your specialist for reed sensors, reed relays and customer-specific solutions.

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