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Blink Marine

With the company Blink Marine we have a partner in the field of can keypads for tough outdoor use. Blink Marine is your product in the marine, automotive, railway, roadwork, off-road and expedition vehicle sectors.


PowerTrack is a vehicle display controller based on the CAN bus protocol which, thanks to its rotary encoder enables navigation within the menus of a vehicle display.

PowerTrack is also equipped with six backlit Quick Pick commands that can be highly personalised.


PowerKey PRO

The PKP-SI series offers small inserts (15 mm) and a compact design, while the PKP-LI series has large, 24 mm inserts that are easy to press even when wearing gloves. The use of open protocols makes the PRO series keyboards perfect for the automotive, agricultural, industrial and nautical markets. The PRO series keypads have robust keys with removable inserts suitable for any functional application. PKP keypads are available in two series with two different symbol insert sizes.

Powerkey Pro


The PowerKey CAN Keypad is the perfect lightweight and flexible solution for any application. The number of LEDs, buttons, company logo, all in one Keypad PowerKey can be adapted to your needs and your activities.

Fully compliant with the 401d device profile.

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